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James Loudoun Campbell
James Loudoun Campbell, age75, of Lexington, passed away November 22, 2021from complications stemming from Interstitial Pneumonia.
Jim Campbell was born on May 20th ,1946 in Oakland California to Major Louden Campbell a veteran of World War II, and his wife Margarie. He spent his formidable years keeping himself busy with sports and tearing down the roads on his bike. He especially loved football and baseball, as to the latter he was said to be able to count the stitches on a fastball. His dedication to improving his athletic ability would pay off in his educational goals. After graduating from Fredericksburg, Virginia Military school he joined the ROTC and entered Shenandoah College before accepting a scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University. After graduating EKU and Officers Training school, Jim followed in his father’s footsteps, answered the call and left for Fort Benning. Knowing he was going to be shipped off to Vietnam, Jim did what anyone would do and spent his savings on a Hemi-Cuda. This began his love of sportscars and he never lived another day without one. It has been said “He probably never kept one for more than a month”. The war came to end before Jim was sent overseas. Soon after that, Jim began his long career in the insurance business. He started from the bottom for the Shenandoah Life Insurance Agency and worked his way up until 1985 when he formed the Campbell Insurance Agency which he continued to lead for the next 36 years. During his career in the insurance industry he held many designation and won awards for various acheivments. Jim Campbell is survived by his wife, Dee S. Campbell, his two daughters Tracy Campbell Lawson and Chenelle Campbell Lusardi, their spouses Cam Lawson and Joey Lusardi, and 3 grandchildren Tyler Lusardi, Walker Lawson, and Emma Lusardi. Jim always kept himself busy. If not by his strong work ethic, then by the sportsman in him. When not running the agency, Jim spent his time racing cars, fishing, playing tennis and mastering whatever new challenge that came his way.
There will be no services held. Kerr Brothers are handling the arrangements. The family would like to thank Baptist Hospital, pulmonary associates Dr. Chaney and Dr. McKinney for their diligence and expertise. Any donations in memorial can be made to the Lexington Humane Society or to your favorite charity.